Strategic Directions

The Office of Industry-Academia Cooperation (OIAC) was launched in Feb. 2014 to foster economic development opportunities in center Taiwan area and beyond by connecting business and industry to Feng Chia University (FCU) discoveries, ground-breaking research, and experts in targeted research areas.  FCU has achieved world-class status in such areas as GreEnergy (Green Energy) technology, materials research, GIS/GPS research, smart city, precision machining, ICT, and environmental sciences that feed and fuel the world.

Dr. Jin-Huang Huang leads the efforts of the OIAC. Dr. Huang is an experienced Machinery and Electro-acoustics professor with 20+ years conceiving and developing alliance, technology, and product solutions for industrial partners. The OIAC supports interaction between the University and industry and other community partners in many different forms, including research partnerships that investigate areas of mutual interest, the commercialization, distribution and dissemination of research outputs, and the development of entrepreneurial talent and new ventures.
 - To incubate new business via project cooperation or innovative technologies licensing.
 - To assist start-up companies in lowering the initial operation cost.
 - To promote cooperation between the industries and the academia.
Core Services
 - Industry Engagement
 - Entrepreneurship
 - Spaces & Facilities
 - Technology Support
 - Business Service Support (consulting service)
 - Information & Administration Support
 - Patent Licensing / Technology Transfer
Focus Industry
 - GreEnergy (Green Energy)  technology industry: Thin film solar cells, Biohydrogen Energy.
 - Advanced material industry: advanced processing techniques of metals, composites, thin film coating and semiconductors.
 - Information & telecommunication industry: GIS/GPS, wireless telecommunication, e-commerce, and e-business, e-security.
 - Precision machining and aeronautical industry: CAD/CAM/CAE, reverse engineering, and e-manufacturing.